Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a blur

This week has been like a blur for me. For some reason I was thinking that today was Wednesday (pretty scary, but I lost a day somewhere)

There has been so much activity around Foothills it's ridiculous.

We did our staff job performance reviews this week. (Our exec. Pastor reviewed most of the staff, and I reviewed the Senior Management team)

I have been working way far ahead on my message prep, which is really good, but extremely exhausting. Our series, Questions Uncensored requires more work than the normal messages because of all of the external research necessary----but it's fun.

We've got a lot of minor office construction and moving people from one office to another going on right now.

There is a lot of prep work being done for Ignite weekend for our students. It's going to be amazing. Pray for Brian Rhodes and his team, but especially pray for our students.

Praying for our Toccoa Shine 09 projects this Saturday.

Our Foothills staff guys are going hog hunting tomorrow. That's going to be fun. Pray for the hogs!

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