Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are We Living In the End Times?

Are we living in the end times? That is the question we tackled today as we continued our Questions Uncensored series.
I said that when it comes to the end times, most people are asking the WRONG questions. They want to know When and How? The question we need to ask is WHAT? Since we know that Jesus is going to return, WHAT should I be doing in the meantime?

** The big takeaway from scripture when it comes to the end times is, Be Prepared!

** Another very big attendance today.

** The worship sets were amazing.

** Eric Peters knocked it out of the park with his opening song!

** The Venue service is starting to become a nice option for many people--that's cool!

** A ton of first-time guests today.

** Still getting amazing feedback from the "Can A Christian Drink Alcohol?" message.

** I can't wait for next Sunday's message, Can You Lose Your Salvation?

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