Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday randomness

** I'm finished preparing this Sunday's message, "What Is God's Definition of Sex?" I am praying that when culture's definition of sex, intersects with God's definition, that people will be willing to adopt God's definition.

** I am really wishing that the Questions Uncensored series was a little longer. Unfortunately this Sunday is the last message of the series.

** I am very excited about the next series though; it's called "Unstoppable" We'll be in the book of Philippians (one of my favorites!)

** Son Sports is half way over, and it has been hugely successful. Here's a pic of some of the stuff that happens in the auditorium before the kids head out to their sports activities.

** Looking forward to my softball tournament this weekend!

** Will be heading down to Columbia on Friday for a wedding of a young lady who was part of our original core group that helped start Foothills

** Also going to the eye doctor on Friday. Things are looking mighty fuzzy these days!

** Praying for my Father-in-law's surgery next week.

** I love Summer!

** Already daydreaming about fishing down in Florida in July! Here's what I'm hoping for.

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