Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday recap

We had an incredible day at Foothills Community Church yesterday. So many great things are happening at FCC right now.

Ended the Questions Uncensored series yesterday, with a message called, What is God's Definition of Sex?

The big question I asked everyone was, "If my views, opinions, and feelings about sex are different than God's view, am I willing to admit I'm wrong, and accept God's view?

Our 9:30am service was phenomenal. Eric Peters and his worship team nailed it!

Mark Medlin kicked things off with the song, Keep Your Hands To Yourself. Great job Mark.

At our 11:15 service we had Joy Hunnicut back to sing with David Odom and his worship team---unbelievable job!

Our 11:15am Venue service is strong!

I heard that our Toccoa campus had a record attendance day!

We are gearing up for our next message series called Unstoppable which starts this Sunday. You don't want to miss that.

Staff meetings this morning, gotta go.

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