Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New things in the works

At Foothills, change is part of our culture. In our history we have gone from meeting in a high school cafeteria with one service, then to two services. Then we moved to our first permanent building and went from two services to three services to four services. Then we built again (our current home), which gave us a lot more space, so we went back to two services. Then we started a new campus in Toccoa,Ga.... Which leads us to the present.

I am excited about another new experience at Foothills. beginning Easter Sunday, April 12th, we will be adding a new service in what will be called "the Venue"

Let me explain how this will work (hopefully). At our Seneca campus we will have our normal schedule in our main auditorium (9:30am and 11:15am). Most of you know that we have two worship leaders at our Seneca campus, Eric Peters, who leads worship for our 9:30am service, and David Odom who leads the 11:15am service. Beginning Easter Sunday we will have two 11:15am services. After Eric and his team lead worship in the 9:30am service he and his team will head over to our Student auditorium ("the Venue") and do the same worship set in there. The message will have a live feed from the main auditorium, and shown on a huge screen.

The new Venue will be smaller for those of you who may like a little more intimacy. It will be more casual---yes, you will be able to bring your coffee and donuts in with you. It will have less of a "concert" feel. (a little less volume and less moving lights) It will still be 100% Foothills, but it will be more like it was when we used to worship in our former auditorium.

The good news is, that we will have more seats available during our 11:15am service time (in case you haven't noticed it's been filling up pretty steadily)

I'll be explaining this more in the days ahead, but I've got to tell you, I'm extremely pumped about this!

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