Monday, August 10, 2009

sunday thoughts

Great day at FCC yesterday.

** Week 2 of man vs Wild. John the Baptist is the man!

** You do not want to miss this Sunday's service.

** During the 9:30 am service near the end of my message, a mouse ran across the stage (Although I would like to take credit for creativity,for the record, that was not planned to go with the man vs wild theme). I didn't see the little sucker. Apparently he ran behind me. I heard people start to laugh. Honestly my first thought was, "is my zipper down or something?" I guess when you build a facility in the middle of a field, mice go with the territory.

** Attendance seemed a little light in Seneca. You could definitely tell people are cramming in those last vacation days before school starts next week.

** Attendance in Toccoa was strong. School starts there today.

** Lots of guests again today. People seem to really enjoy Foothills!

** For those who asked if I would show the dorky picture of me when I was 12 years old that I mentioned yesterday----the answer is NO!!!

** My Flag football team had practice yesterday at 2:00pm in the 95 degree heat. For the record, that is not too much fun.

** Busy week at the office.

** Been shooting my bow a lot lately. That means one thing--- archery season is just around the corner! Can you say venison sausage?

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