Thursday, December 18, 2008

catch-up thursday

I am back in the office today after two days in Dallas. I had a great time. I got an opportunity to spend a day with some amazingly smart people (not really sure why I was invited!). Anyway when we got there it was about 30 degrees and earlier that day they had freezing rain and sleet, so the roads were salted down --what a mess. It was cold and cloudy and foggy and dreary, and we got stuck in some major traffic. In spite of that, I am glad that I had the opportunity to go. I met some Pastors and other leaders and I was challenged by what was shared.

Here are a few of things that were shared that have me really thinking:

** The church historically has been about "catch and keep", but the goal should be to "catch and release" (as in sending people back into the community and around the world to influence the world for Christ, not just to have everyone show up for a church service)

** There are 4 levels to live life on:
Level 1 -- Struggle
Level 2 -- Success
Level 3 -- Significance
Level 4 -- Surrender

** My job is to DIRECT and RELEASE energy, not to SUPPLY it.

These things probably won't make sense unless you were there, but I am going to be unpacking these thoughts over the next few weeks.

Because I was gone for 2 days, I am playing some serious catch-up today. I can't believe that this weekend we will be having our Christmas services. I am so pumped I can hardly stand it!

Don't forget to hand out those invite cards.

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