Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leaders (part 4)

The "D" in L.E.A.D.E.R. is:

Do the right thing--always.

That's right, integrity is one of the most important attributes of a leader (probably the most important)

Leaders have to keep their guards up at all time. One slip morally can be fatal to your ability to lead, and your reputation.

In 1 Kings 15:5, we are reminded of this. It says: " For David had done what was pleasing in the Lord's sight and had obeyed the Lord's commands throughout his life, EXCEPT in the affair concerning Uriah the Hittite."

All of the great things that David did throughout his lifetime, like defeating Goliath, and great military victories were overshadowed by his lack of integrity.

I wonder how President Nixon will be remembered? Most likely it will be Watergate.

Or how about President Clinton? probably for his dealings with Monica Lewinsky.
How about you? What will you be remembered for?

It takes a lifetime to build integrity and only 1 moment to lose it!

Leaders, it is up to us to model integrity.

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