Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter planning

Easter is just a couple of weeks away and the staff and volunteers at Foothills are in high gear preparing for the biggest day in our history!

Historically we have a surge of about an additional 50% in attendance. So if you do the math, we will have over 3,000 people attend Foothills on Easter Sunday. But our goal is not to just get people to come for a one-time experience, but to help people get connected.

The best way to measure success on Easter, is to see how many people come back in the weeks following Easter! The best way to get people to come back is to create an engaging environment that begins in the parking lot and continues through the entire worship service.

Here are just a few things we are doing in preparation for our Easter services:

*Our First Impressions team is stepping up by adding tons of additional volunteers to welcome people, help people find parking spaces, answering questions, helping people find a seat, and just being available.

*Our Hospitality team is preparing by making sure there are plenty of donuts, and refreshments.

*Kidzone is preparing for record numbers of children by adding extra volunteers and thinking through room assignments and capacities, and how to expediently check in that many extra kids.

*Our Creative team has been preparing by helping design a worship experience that is both engaging and inspiring.

*Our assimilation team is preparing by adding extra volunteers who will be following up on guests that request information, and following up on all spiritual decisions.

*Our Care and Compassion team is preparing for the extra volume of prayer requests.

The Stoop (our bookstore) is adding extra items for people to purchase to help in their ongoing walk with Christ.

*Our Connections teams are preparing by making new on ramps available to all of the people ready to take some next steps toward getting connected.

*The Technical team is preparing for our new Venue service which will begin on Easter Sunday in our former auditorium that will run simultaneously at 11:15am.

*Our Toccoa campus is preparing by adding an additional service for Easter (9:15am and 11:00am)

*Our Student Ministry is preparing by connecting with a whole new group of middle and high school students that will be attending.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this. If a church doesn't prepare for tons of guests than most likely they won't have tons of guests. And if by some strange turn of events, they actually have a lot of guests, but weren't prepared, most likely those guests will not return.

One last thing; If you haven't picked up your ticket for Easter, thean you can print some out by going here.

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