Wednesday, April 01, 2009


A couple of months ago during our all-staff meeting, I shared a message about risk. I was thinking about this recently and thought I would share some of my notes from that meeting.

There are 3 Types of risk:

Stupid risk-- This is the kind of risk people take that throws common sense and caution to the wind. It's like in High School when one of your friends double dog dares you to do something really crazy, and you do it. People who engage in a lot of stupid risk, either end up broke, dead or hospitalized!

Calculated risk-- This is the kind of risk where pretty much everything lines up, and on a human level makes sense. Cautious people fall into this category. These are the type people that will only attempt something if every detail works out. People in this category rarely get anything important done. Their motto is "better safe than sorry"

God-Ordained risk-- This is the type of risk that requires faith and obedience. It doesn't usually make sense on a human level, but underneath the white knuckle fear, there is a sense of peace. God-ordained risk never contradicts scripture. It always makes us say, "If God doesn't come though, I'm in big trouble." Biblical examples of God-ordained risk would be Abraham leaving his homeland to travel to an unknown location; David's willingness to fight Goliath; Joshua leading Israel into the Promised land.

As I think back on some of the things that God has called us to do here at Foothills, I can recall some of the feelings of sheer terror, but also feeling certain that God was leading us; so we went forward. And each and every time we followed God's leading, He did something miraculous.

What is God calling you to attempt for Him? (If you don't swallow real hard and start to sweat a little bit, it's probably not God, because God is going to call you to do things that are so big, you couldn't possibly do them on your own)

Why not take a risk?

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