Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter recap

Whew, what a day we had at Foothills Community Church yesterday. God showed up! If you missed the services all I can say is "it stinks to be you!"

Here is a quick recap:

** Record attendance 3,177 total people at Foothills (almost 3,000 of them were at our Seneca campus) Check this out -- 1 out of every 23 people that live in this County was at Foothills yesterday!

** Toccoa campus had a record attendance too!

** We had people saved yesterday in 4 different venues. Seneca main auditorium, Seneca Venue auditorium, Seneca Planet Kidz auditorium, Toccoa Campus

** Had dozens saved yesterday. (during the invitation time probably a hundred people raised their hands signifying that they were becoming Christ-followers)

** We had over 100 people make re commitments yesterday as well.

** We had over 650 kids yesterday!

** Joy Hunnicut who appeared on the Intervention TV show, was back with us yesterday singing with David Odom. -- Oh my gosh, that girl can bring it!

** Our technical stuff really was incredible. Scott Chatfield created some amazing video pieces.

** The testimony video that we showed was unbelievable.

** We held our first ever Venue service. It ran live simultaneously at 11:15am. I understand it went pretty well ( by the way we had 4 people give their lives to Jesus in the Venue)

** Kudos to Bill Swindle for stepping in at literally the last minute to lead worship in the Venue. Eric Peters was scheduled to lead, but had strep throat, a fever, and was at the hospital because he also became a grandfather yesterday!

** Foothills volunteers---you all are phenomenal! There isn't another church in the country that has a team like we do. Many of you came here at 5:00am and stayed til 1:00pm -- thank you.

** I'm pumped. We get to do it again this Sunday --Jesus is STILL alive!

** Mark April 26th on your calendars. We are having a Night Of Praise. It will be at 6:00pm at the Seneca campus. Our Toccoa campus will also be joining us. We will have communion, and baptism as well as an unbelievable worship time. Music will be led by all 3 of our worship leaders (Seneca and Toccoa) If you want to be baptized, let us know.

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