Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday recap

Another epic day at Foothills Community Church. I spoke about sin and repentance, which is never easy, but people seemed truly challenged.

On of the difficulties of preaching on repentance is that for the most part, the word repentance has been abused. When people think of that word, the image of an angry preacher standing on a street corner, screaming, "repent" in a condemning manner comes to mind. But the word repentance is one of the greatest gifts that God gives us.
Because of God's grace we have the ability to repent of our sins and return to Him. And the best part is that He is waiting with open arms----not to condemn us, but to accept us back and lavish His love on us.

Our attendance was way up, especially in our children's area. Between our 2 campuses we had nearly 500 kids!

Our worship leaders brought the heat yesterday1 They do an amazing job of taking us to the throne of God every week.

We started giving out tickets for our Easter services. If you didn't get yours yet, pick them up this Sunday or go to our website and print off as many as you need. Whatever you do, be sure to get enough tickets for you and your friends that you are inviting.

If you want to invite people, you may want to go to our website and send an e-invite to your friends.

Busy week this week. We're hosting a Leadership roundtable for some Lead Pastors on Thursday. Really looking forward to that!

Really starting to get excited about speaking at the Sticks conference in May.

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