Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday thoughts

Haven't blogged in a few days, so let me try to catch you up.

**On Thursday I went to my monthly coaching network. It was awesome, and I always take away so much good stuff.

**Went hunting in the fog and rain on Friday morning. Shot a nice buck!

**Friday evening we had a family night at Foothills.It was a lot of fun, and lots of people attended. We had a magician come and perform, and he did great.

**On a sad note, a wonderful Christian man and a great friend lost his battle with cancer last night.

**Praying really hard for this Sunday's services. Please, if you have a friend who doesn't know Christ, get them there Sunday!

**Sunday's message is going to get a little uncomfortable, but that's a good thing sometimes!

**After all the rain and wind, my yard is covered in leaves. I guess that's why it's called "Fall." It's supposed to get cold tonight. I miss summer already!

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