Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Excellence at every level

Yesterday during our staff meeting we watched a message from T.D. Jakes that he delivered at a past Leadership Summit. It was awesome. He is one of the best communicators out there. I could tell he was holding back a little bit because he was speaking at Willow Creek and not his own church, but nonetheless he challenges all of us big-time.

I was writing as fast as I could, but I still didn't catch everything he said, but here are a few of the things that stood out to me. His talk was Excellence at every level. He spoke from Exodus 17.

**Moses led on 3 different levels-- Moses led WITH the people--IN FRONT of the people, and ABOVE the people.

**We miss who we could be by emulating others.

**Leaders are controversial.

**You can't be insecure and lead.

**If your leadership style doesn't change as you grow, you can't get to the next level.

**The change begins with ME!

**Make a list of the top 10 changes you need to make---start with the thing you are complaining about most.

**Good leaders anticipate problems --good leaders develop solutions to these problems

**Any problem you don't conquer, will conquer you!

**You can't fight today's challenge with yesterday's weapons.

**If you are still doing what you were doing, you're stunting your growth

**You will know what you're called to do, by what you can't stand.

**The thing you're complaining about--that's what you're called to do!

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