Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post Sticks review

I just got back from 2 amazing days at the Sticks conference hosted by my friend, Artie Davis and his church, Cornerstone Community Church. I was invited to be one of the speakers for one of the main sessions as well as being a part of a couple of breakout sessions. I wanted to share some observations.

* There are a ton of unsung heroes in ministry, especially those who are called to do ministry in "the sticks". I met so many people that are passionate about impacting small towns and hard-to-reach places.

* Cornerstone Community Church has some incredible volunteers. They made everyone feel right at home.

* Orangeburg, SC is a cool town. First time I had ever been there.

* All of the speakers did a phenomenal job. I left feeling very encouraged, and extremely challenged.

* A few quotes from some of the sessions that stuck with me were:
** "Moses didn't speak directly to the problem, he spoke to God."
** "If you feel you have to defend it, it's probably not from God"
** "Pray as if it depends on God, act as though it depends on you"
** "Find a place where relevance meets revival and you will dominate your city"
** "Are we following mere natural instincts, or the Spirit?"
** "Jesus ministry lasted 3 years, He didn't get voted out, He got murdered!"
** "God has more planned for you than you know"
** "Your destiny will be discovered by meeting someone else's need"
** "If you believe your impact is dictated by the size of your city or church, you will become bitter"
** "You need a vision of your Promised Land"
** "Even though Moses knew that he would never make it to the Promised Land he continued to lead, love and serve the people"
** The Promised Land isn't the point, the people are"
** Every person in scripture that was called, faced trials, adversity, and crisis
** Satan uses ideas and images to tempt us"
** "There is a God, and it's NOT me!"
** God says "I am with you. Will you choose to be with me?"

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