Friday, November 19, 2010

back to reality

We just got back from a trip to Florida. We had a blast visting my parents, and topping it off with a couple of days at Disney World. It was a little different because we took our 4 year old grand dughter with us.
We didn't get to fish much due to a low pressure system offshore that created some very rough seas, but we did enjoy getting some sun on the beach anyway.
I haven't been to Disney in many years, but it was just like I remembered. It was fun enjoying Disney through the eyes of my grand daughter.
It was by far the least crowded I have ever seen Disney. I literally walked right up to the car at Space Mountain with no wait! I think the longest lines for any ride was the Peter Pan ride (not one of my personal favorites, but, oh well) We probably waited about 40 minutes, but every other ride we had waits of less than 10 minutes.
There is something very special about that place.

While we were away, great things were happening at Foothills Community Church. Brian Rhodes preached and I have heard lots of great things about his message. I am looking forward to watching it online. I love being able to be away and not worry about things back at church because I know we are blessed to have such an amazing, dedicated team covering!

Speaking of Foothills, I am looking forward to preaching this Sunday. I will be sharing one of my favorite parables. I can't wait! This would be a GREAT Sunday to invite a friend!

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