Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sunday review

I really loved the services at Foothills Community Church this past Sunday. Here are a few observations:

* Our worship Pastor David Odom was on a well-deserved mini-vacation.  He does an amazing job leading us every week, and we are blessed to have him. He is one of the best worship leaders in America (if not the world)!

* Our worship didn't miss a beat, because the team stepped up and brought the heat. Bill Swindle and Mary Douglas tagged-teamed the worship leading role and along with our incredible band, led us to God's throne.

* Right before our first service one of or projectors decided to break down, but as Brian Rhodes so aptly reminded us, God is bigger than non-working projectors.

* We continued the Kings series. I must say that I enjoyed delivering the message on Jehu so much. I have wanted to do a message on him for the last couple of years.

* I believe that Jehu is one of the top 5 most interesting men in the Bible, and yet 90% of the people have never heard of him. Do yourself a favor and read 2 Kings 9-10.

* Jehu had the potential to go down in history as one of the greatest king in Israel, but missed it.

* We have to be careful to live our lives without an asterisk. (That statement will make no sense unless you watch the message)

* I received one of the most encouraging notes from someone (anonymously) that I have had in a long time. Thank you, whoever you are!

* I am preparing for a funeral for this Thursday. Pray that the Lord would do a great work.

* I want to thank all of the people that volunteer at Foothills. You are our Dream Team. We couldn't do it without you.

*Our Toccoa campus also had a great Sunday. They are led by two awesome Foothills staff members (and a ton of great volunteers) Brian Marshall is our campus Pastor, and Kevin Robison is our worship Pastor. By the way, Kevin is also one of the best worship leaders in America (if not the world!) too.

* We will be wrapping up the Kings series this Sunday. You don't want to miss it.

* Don't forget, that Sunday is also Mother's Day. We have a couple of very cool things planned! So bring your Mom and we'll see you Sunday.

* Summer is just around the corner,  but we are not putting it in neutral at Foothills. We've got some really cool things planned all summer long. Stay tuned for more details.