Monday, March 05, 2012

Sunday review

Awesome day yesterday at Foothills Community Church. It was great having my good friend, Doug Walker delivering the message. Doug is the Lead Pastor of Fellowship of the Parks in Texas.

Doug and I got connected through a leadership community he and I participated in. He has become a great friend, and I must say he did an incredible job. He spoke very candidly about his adoption, and showed a video that brought most people to tears. I am thankful that Doug gave up a weekend to be with us!

It is always a little "different" for me when I am not preaching. Believe it or not, in some ways it's actually harder. But I must say, it is nice to have a week to take a breather. I am actually trying to do that more. I think it's healthy for a church body to be exposed to many different speakers. Generally I preach between 38-40 Sundays a year.

A couple of other thoughts:

* Ignite begins this Friday. Please pray for our teenagers, staff, and volunteers. This weekend could change lives for eternity!

* Got a chance to introduce Justin Terry, our new Student Pastor to our church. We tried to trick him by telling him that since this was his first Sunday, it was customary to wear a suit. He didn't buy it, but he did wear a tie!

* Follow-Up on Sunday evenings has been a blast! I think everyone is enjoying it.

* I am absolutely crazy-excited about the new series we'll be starting this Sunday!! It will be life-changing.

* I'm loving doing P90X. It is brutal, intense and difficult, but strangely enjoyable.

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