Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunday review

We had an amazing day at Foothills Community Church. The best part of the day was that 36 people on our Seneca campus and 1 person at our Toccoa campus gave their lives to Jesus. That is why we do what we do!

* The message was "If Heaven and Hell are real, then what?" We talked about how "not" to get into heaven, and how to get into heaven. Unfortunately there is so much confusion about this.

* This Sunday we will be wrapping up the GLOW series and also be celebrating baptism (Toccoa campus will be having baptisms on Dec. 11th) I absolutely love watching baptisms. I really struggle with Christians that don't get excited about baptism Sundays. Let me make this very clear...If you are a Christ-follower and baptisms don't excite you, there' something wrong with you!

* The following week we will begin our Christmas series called, "Misfits" I am super-pumped about that series!

* Start making plans for our Christmas Eve services. The times will be: Seneca campus-- December 24th at 2 and 4 pm. At our Toccoa campus the service will be at 6pm (I am going to be doing the message LIVE in Toccoa!)

* Tickets for the services will be available beginning THIS Sunday. Be sure to get some for yourself and the people you will be inviting.

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