Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday review

Wow, What a great day we had on Sunday at Foothills! You can tell that people are getting back into a normal pattern after a long summer.

* We had the 3rd most first-time guests of the year. Thank you to all of you that keep inviting your friends. You are making a difference.

* Kidzone was rocking with tons of children. If you happened to notice people walking around the concourse dressed like a clown or in other circus related costumes, don't worry, they are actors from Planet Kidz!

* I am so proud of all of you that are participating in our Project Reach opportunities. We had sign-ups for helping with 3 local ministry projects and we not only filled them up, but had an overflow!

* We started a new series Sunday on the life of Jacob. We talked about the importance of waiting on God. As an impatient person, I really needed that one. This Sunday we will be talking about dealing with the pain of betrayal. If you have ever had someone hurt you, stab you in the back or betray you in some way, you NEED to be there. And keep inviting everyone you see.

* I am very excited about our next Get In The Game class. This is a class where you will learn more about who Foothills really is. At the end of the class you will be given the opportunity to join Foothills as well. The next class will be on Sunday September 11th from 12:30-2:30pm. It will be held in the Venue auditorium in Foothills south. We will be serving lunch first in the small auditorium (adjacent to the Venue). Childcare will also be provided. You will also get a chance to meet most of our staff too. It is going to be a blast! You can sign-up online here.

* Mark your calendars for October 2nd. We are going to start a new series on the Family that day, and here's what I am asking you to do. INVITE, INVITE, INVITE!!
It will be a day to remember. We will have one of the most amazing services on Sunday morning, and then later that afternoon we will be inviting everyone back for a HUGE party. There will be tons of inflatable rides for the kids, free food, a concert, and BAPTISMS. You will be hearing a lot more about this, but make sure you set aside that day on your calendars.

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