Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday review

I LOVED the services yesterday at Foothills Community Church!

** Solid attendance

** 6 more people gave their lives to Jesus!

** The praise choir brought some serious heat for sure. I love it when they sing, because they bring so much energy.

** David Odom led worship yesterday and did awesome as usual.

** Eric Peters led worship at our Toccoa campus, and I heard that he nailed it!

** Yesterday's message was all about why it's so hard to live the Christian life. No doubt, it's the hardest thing anyone can do. The key is TRUSTING more, not TRYING harder!

** I met a bunch of first-time guests yesterday that were stoked about Foothills Community Church and plan to keep coming

** We are gearing up for one of the biggest parties in the history of Oconee County South Carolina. It's our big Baptism Party Sunday September 5th at 4:30pm at Biggerstaff Retreat center. Plan to be there AND bring a friend with you!

** I called an audible for a series we're going to start on October 10th, so now everyone is having to scramble a bit. Fortunately we work ahead!

** Speaking of October 10th---That is our Friend 10-10 celebration. You will be hearing a lot more about that day.

** My youngest child turned 18 on Sunday. Hard to believe that all my kids are now adults!

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