Sunday, August 22, 2010

sunday review

What an awesome day it was at Foothills Community Church!

** We started the new series, Questions Uncensored 2. We answered some pretty interesting questions (What does the Bible say about tattos, cosmetic surgery, and taking medication?). I love that the Bible is so complete when it comes to answering the questions of life that we all have! if you missed it, it will be available online on Wednesday.

** The worship team did an incredible job leading us this morning as usual!

** It looked like the attendance jumped up with school being back in session. I hear that our Kidzone attendance was WAY up today.

** I love the concourse conversations and meeting new people.

** I was reminded today that I am so glad we live under grace instead of the law. We have such freedom in Christ!

** For those of you who were at the 9:30am service, and wanted to see the tattoo fail pictures, we got them up for the 11:15 am service, so you can watch the service online here. The video will be up on Wednesday.

** Don't forget to mark your calendars for September 5th for the Baptism Party

** Our Toccoa campus had a very interesting Sunday. 5 minutes before the service started the transformer outside of their building blew----NO POWER! They changed things up on the fly and I hear that they had an incredible service. They did an acoustic worship set, and Pastor Brian brought a message. Way to go Toccoa!

** Great things are happening at Foothills. I can't wait to see what God is going to do this Fall!

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