Tuesday, July 07, 2009

sunday highlights

We had a phenomenal day this past Sunday at Foothills. Here are few thought:

** 4th of July weekend affected the attendance, but not the energy. It was amazing!

** It was fun having a week off last Sunday, but it was great being back up.

** Preaching on overcoming worry connects with 100% of the people.

** Worry is defined as seizing by the throat, or tormenting oneself--- so why do we worry?

** Both of our campuses had baptism parties on Sunday afternoon. 28 more people baptized at Seneca, and 6 people baptized in Toccoa!

** The Unstoppable series continues this Sunday. This will be another one of those messages that has high take-home value.

** I love it when people come up to me in the concourse and introduce me to their friends that they brought to church with them---You all truly "get the vision"

** Looking forward to talking to church leaders in Alabama today via a Skype conference call.

** Looking forward to picking up my son from the airport this evening after he spent the last couple of weeks down in FL --unfortunately I have to drive to Atlanta.

** Working on some leadership training material that we will extend to people in the church that want to improve their leadership skills.

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