Monday, July 16, 2012

sunday review

Awesome is the only way to describe the services at Foothills Community Church yesterday. We wrapped up what could have been the best series we have ever done. It was called Spiritual Warfare. In the series we took a close look at the tactics that Satan uses to try to destroy our lives. Yesterday we talked about how to win over temptation.

* David Odom and the worship team did such a phenomenal job of leading the congregation into the presence of God.

* Speaking of David Odom, he and Amanda are celebrating their 7th anniversary today!

* During my message I talked about fighting the temptation of the soft-serve ice cream machine on my cruise (by the way, I lost that battle, and gave into the temptation :-) ), but it was pretty ironic that we gave away free ice cream after the service! I'm pretty sure that some people thought it was a set-up, but it wasn't. It just worked out that way

* Attendance continues to increase during the summer. That is always nice.

* Our Toccoa campus had a high attendance yesterday as well!

* Looks like FCC is going to be involved in some unbelievable community service projects this fall. I'll fill you in on the details soon. But let's just say that this is HUGE!

* I am praying overtime for our Campus expansion plans. If you know of a town in GA, SC or NC that would love to have a Foothills Community Church campus, let us know. We are creating a web page that will have a lot more detail available. It should be up pretty soon.

* I'm also really pumped about a series that we will be doing this fall on the book of Acts, called "Be The Church"

* Lots of people have been handing out our new invite cards. They are great conversation starters.

* Excited for my friend Dean Herman and the church that he Pastors. They will be moving into their new building this Sunday!

* You don't want to miss FCC this weekend!