Monday, July 09, 2012

sunday review

I love the energy level at Foothills Community Church right now. Even though we are in the middle of summer, we are not experiencing the dreaded "summer slump". In fact, if anything, we are seeing summer momentum. We estimate that on any given Sunday approx. 15% of our regular attenders are on vacation, but there are a bunch of new people that are showing up and checking things out. That is awesome.

* Yesterday we continued the Spiritual Warfare series. The focus of the message was understanding the tactics that Satan uses against us. If you missed it, I shared that the tactics he uses are the exact same tactics he has always used: DISTORTION, DOUBT, DISTANCE and DECEPTION. Once we're aware of the tactics we can better defend against them.

* We will wrap up the series this Sunday with a message called, How to win over temptation. this will be the most application oriented message of the series, and you do not want to miss it!

* We had the choir back on stage. I always love that!

* I will be doing a video tomorrow where I will share a little more in-depth about our new campus expansion plan. This is going to be huge!

* I hear that the Toccoa campus is very fired-up about the possibility of having additional FCC campuses in Northeast Georgia!

* I am looking forward to the series coming up this Fall on the book of Acts called, Be The Church. I have been studying the book of Acts lately and it is packed with powerful, practical truths for the church in the 21st century.

* Mark your calendars for August 26th. I will be leading our next Get In The Game class in Seneca (Pastor Brian will be leading the class in Toccoa) If you are new to FCC, or have never gotten plugged in, this is your next step. You will learn all about Foothills vision, strategy, history and future and how you can join us on our mission. In Seneca, the class will be at 12:30pm with free lunch and childcare. Sign-up at the Link on Sunday or by checking off the box on your info card or do it online.