Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Friend 10-10

I am so excited about our Friend 10-10 celebration this Sunday at our Seneca campus and next Sunday at our Toccoa campus.

Our people have been inviting their friends for the last couple of weeks, there is an excitement in the air, and this could be the greatest day in our history!

Here are a couple of reasons you NEED to be there and bring some people with you:

* We are kicking off a brand new message series called, "That's What He Said". We will be looking at several of the parables of Jesus, and I am telling you, this is going to be life-changing! (By the way, we have sent out a huge mailer to 26,000 homes to advertise for this new series)

* The music is going to be UNBELIEVABLE! We will have our praise choir up there this week, and we will also have a very special guest, Joy Honeycutt. (You may remember Joy, she has sung at Foothills a few times. She was featured on the show, Intervention) If you haven't heard her, the girl can flat out sing!

* The band will be doing a feature song, that I absolutely can't wait to hear!

* Krispy Kreme Donuts. (I don't think I need to elaborate on this!)

* People will have an opportunity to meet Jesus. We are praying that hundreds will give their lives to Christ!

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