Monday, February 11, 2013

some quick random thoughts

Here are a few quick, but random thoughts I have right now:

* I absolutely LOVE what the Lord is doing at Foothills Community Church! Life change every week. People hungry for God's Word. People showing up with expectation that God is going to do great things.

* The worship team did this new song yesterday that Kirsten led. Oh my goodness. It was awesome.

* I am very excited about FCC's 4th campus! That's right, I said #4. It looks like it's going to happen in the Fall of 2013. Stay tuned for details.

* I am really looking forward to this Sunday's message. We're going to talk about what makes Jesus mad. Should be interesting. You can get a head start by reading John 2:13-22.

* My wife is battling a case of chest congestion, and laryngitis. (I guess that's one of the  risks of being a children's director.) I'm doing my best, to not catch whatever she has. I really hate to see my wife not feeling well. If you get a chance, pray for her.

*  There is a huge surge of disciple-making going on at FCC right now. As most of you know, In 2013 I challenged our folks to not just settle for being disciples..... but become disciples that are making other disciples. It's really cool to see that taking shape. Within the next 10 weeks, we should have 100 people that are trained to disciple others. From there, I'm hoping we see it grow exponentially!!

* Did I mention that we will be adding a 4th campus in 2013? Oh yeah, I guess I did.

* I got a chance to connect with a bunch of people that are new to FCC in the concourse yesterday. I love that.

* Speaking of the concourse, after the first service the people hung out for a long time. It was like no one wanted to leave. That is very awesome.

* The staff at FCC is amazing. I wish every person could sit in on one of our Monday morning staff meetings. It's so encouraging hearing all the God-stories.

* I got a chance to speak at LIVE last Wednesday. It was a lot of fun to speak to teenagers. Best of all, all 3 of our campuses were there. I must say, I am so impressed with our young people, they have a heart for God.

* If you are a talented singer or musician, we are having worship auditions. Check it out.

* Enough ramblings for today. Have a great week. And don't forget to invite a friend to church next Sunday.