Thursday, December 02, 2010

We're going to party!

This Sunday at Foothills Community Church, we are going to party! That's right, this Sunday we will be celebrating baptism! There is nothing that we do as a church that comes close to the excitement of watching people publicly proclaiming their faith in Jesus, through baptism. It is truly a party atmosphere. (Our Toccoa campus will be baptizing on December 12th!)

We will be finishing the series, That's What he Said, with 2 parables from Luke 15, and I cannot wait! If you have given your life to Jesus and have not been baptized, it's not too late. We will be doing the baptisms near the end of both of our services on Sunday morning, so just show up, and we'll direct you from there.

In case you're wondering, yes, the horse troughs will be heated :)

Be sure to invite your friends and come a little early, you don't want to miss the first song!

Also, our Christmas Eve service tickets will be available this Sunday, so make sure to pick yours up, because they will go quickly.

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